Sharing ideas, social interaction, and media, i.e. the new intranet

To support ideation, social interaction, and media sharing, a large Swedish bank wanted something that was fast, beautiful, and easily accessible. The innovation hub leaders were also very impatient, and didn’t want to wait for the normal way to delivery a digital solution.

So we built an app for them during a weekend, and much like a single team hackathon, we worked day and night with everything from discovering of needs, design, implementation of both app, backend, and even an integration with a workflow management system. We also did automated build, test, and deployment to production.

It’s built in a modular way, to be prepared for all the other things that the client want to add.

Ideation platform

A wall of ideas: browse, read and vote. Post your own ideass and get feedback.

Social networking

Social network of "communities". Post text, images. Like & comment. Create and join events.

Play media

Browse content created by Swedbank. Play videos in in-app video player. Listen to Swedbank podcasts.

Next project

Next project