A VR experience to show the
machine learning process in practice

A large Swedish institution were working with Sogeti on a number of AI projects, and wanted to show their employees what was involved in completing such a project. To get some attention they wanted to use some interesting technology like virtual reality.

The idea was to show the process of how to work with machine learning in a practical way in VR. The user starts with the selection (cleaning/analysis) of the data, and continue by (selecting and) training of the model. When the model is trained, it is deployed (as an API) and can be used to make predictions.

1. Grab the jaw

2. Mark the teeth

3. Drop inside drop-zone

We show the flow of machine learning in a virtual reality. The steps are simple

1. Show data in a clear way
2. Clear data by removing deviations
3. Analyze data to see interesting features
4. Select a model that is appropriate for the problem
5. Train the model until it works
6. Deploy the model as an API
7. Use the model to make predictions, ie API calls.

“The solution works without connection and server components to maximize performance and simplify in the environment of where it is experienced.”

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