SSAB wanted to create a small scale maintenance and inspection management specialized on wear parts maintenance to reduce unplanned breakdown by improved reporting, reducing maintenance cost by optimizing parts performance.

The Hardox Wearparts Center was the supplier of the solution to the end-user and will use the solution to support pro-active, consultative sales and enable stock planning.

The solution was to create a responsive web site for administration (setup, analysis, alerts/reminders, etc) and mobile apps for field operations (data input for field inspection, parts information and purchase, etc).

The work was made in an agile and iterative way to get a first version in the hands of real users as soon as possible. Our implementation used new technologies (public cloud) and automation (DevOps), to allow rapid and continuous improvement.

Desktop application

Gain overview of machines etc.

Desktop application

Create order requests for your wear parts to Centers.

Performance tracking

Track performance and report maintenance activities.

Production data

Follow production data and detailed parts performance.

Reporting deviations

Easy reporting of deviations to prevent potential downtime.



What was the result?

What we created was Wear IQ. A maintenance system that gives you complete control of your installed wear parts. It simplifies the maintenance work and you can drive performance improvements. Wear IQ’s interactive interface allows you to easily track, report and optimize the wear parts in your equipment.

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