Looking for a challenging job?

At Ignation you get started in designing, developing and implementing innovative concepts, depending on the platform you work with, for example Open Source, Bluemix or other applications that you find suitable. You can find yourself in a situation where you have to work on a solution for a problem that a client is experiencing, or maybe you have a great and imaginative idea for a product or service that you would like to work on. Together we will present it to potential customers. And who knows, maybe your idea will become a smashing success!

We offer

If you can complete our team with a new intellectual and creative mind, we can offer you the following:

  • Plenty of room for your initiatives, ideas and creativity.
  • A supercool workplace in a creative and innovative spot.
  • Smart and motivated coworkers who will provide an inspiring work atmosphere.
  • A percentage of the turnover generated by you.
  • Flexibility in the design of your employment and room for personal development.

Another Suggestion?

You are a creative/tech talent, but you don’t see your future job listed? Then we think it’s time for us to meet! Drop us a line in the contact sheet and before you know it we’ll be drinking a cup of coffee at one of our locations to share ideas.