B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066 VH Amsterdam, Nederland

Torenallee 26-38, 5617 BD Eindhoven, Nederland

28 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Parijs, Frankrijk

Voorhaven 27A, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sveavägen 98, 113 50 Stockholm, Zweden

Grebbeberglaan 15, Utrecht, Nederland

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We operate in small teams, we call them ‘cells’. Through the cells we are fast and unbound, the cells give freedom. We stimulate innovation, energy and creativity by keeping the cell identity close to ourselves. Search the world, everywhere technology and design strengthen each other, new cells emerge.


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25,000: That’s the number of bicycles that end up in Amsterdam’s canals each year. Oddly, they say only 8,000 bikes are pulled out of the canals annually. It sounds like there are quite a few bicycles still lurking under the waters.

We are based in B2.amsterdam, the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe.
John M. Keynesplein 12-46 | 1066 EP Amsterdam
Rolf Craenen +31 6 53 58 73 18


Fun Fact: In 2013, Forbes declared Eindhoven to be “hands-down the most inventive city in the world.” According to data compiled by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Eindhoven produces 22.6 patents per 100,000 residents. San Diego, the next closest, produces 8.9.

We’re located in De Apparatenfabriek (Strijp-S)
Torenallee 26­-38 | 5617 BD Eindhoven
Rolf Craenen +31 6 53 58 73 18


There are 200 places in the city where you can get an espresso for €1. Even better, there’s a map to help you find them: https://goo.gl/9AfBsj.

We’re located in Greenspace
28 Rue du Chemin Vert | 75011 Paris
Dany Tello


Rotterdam is pretty much one big, outdoor art gallery. All over the city, street artists have turned boring walls into massive, dream-like murals. There’s even a Rotterdam street art app that acts as a personal city guide for those looking to have the ultimate street art experience.

We’re located in the historical Delfshaven
Voorhaven 27a | 3025 HC Rotterdam
Michiel Oosterling +31 6 12 35 61 17


File-sharing is an official religion in Sweden. It holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols.

We’re located in The Park
Sveavägen 98 | 113 50 Stockholm
Anna – Lena +46 72 741 3422

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Miffy (nijntje) was invented in Utrecht by Dick Bruna, this famous little bunny still remains one of the most well-known children’s cartoon characters ever created. You’ll find Miffy throughout the city.

We’re located in De Pionier (Room 3.03)
Grebbeberglaan 15 | 3527 VX Utrecht
Rolf Craenen +31 6 53 58 73 18